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  • Great issue! Wow! I was determined to read every word of every article before the end of the week. I spent New Year’s Day strategizing how to incorporate the key ideas into my business this year.

    Re-energize? Was that one of your goals for the magazine? Motivate florists to re-engage with their businesses? Bingo!

    I’m 63 years old, and I’ve begun daydreaming of my retirement and thinking about winding down my flower shop over the next couple of years.

    But reading this issue has gotten my juices flowing again. I’m taking notes and dog-earing pages. Maybe we’ll hold off that “winding down” process for awhile. The flower shop could get fun again.

    Annette Hentz,
    Carver Flowers; Carver, Minn.

  • So honored to be a part of this beautiful issue. Florists’ Review was the first floral publication I ever read 17 years ago when my journey began, and it’s been a wonderful resource over the years. I’m blown away with the new look, relatable topics and variety of features. Congrats Florists’ Review, and thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.

    Kelly Shore
    Petals by the Shore; Olney, Md.

  • Wow! The new Florists’ Review issue arrived, and what a difference it has. It’s really fabulous, and I’m loving the changes. It’s great to have as a resource. Cheers to the team.

    Sandy Schroeck, AIFD, PFCI
    Trend on Design; Eden Prairie, Minn.

  • My staff handed me the latest issue of Florists’ Review, and all I could say was wow. What a difference! Finally a U.S. floral publication that is relevant. Great job. Looking forward to future issues in 2017.

    Norman Silk
    Blossoms / Silk & Morgan, Inc.
    Birmingham, Mich.

  • I love the new look, but please make the print darker and bigger. I’m 60, I wear 2.0 reading glasses, and I cannot read these pages easily. I need a magnifying glass.

    Francie Snowden
    Ravenna Florist & Greenhouse; Ravenna, Ky.

  • I just received my copy of the January issue of Florists’ Review and I must say I am greatly impressed. Travis, you have done a great job improving upon this industry-standard publication. It takes courage and determination, as well as talent, foresight and passion to take a publication to the next level. With this issue I can see that you are working very hard at breathing new life and energy into the magazine and the floral industry as a whole.

    We, at Royal Flowers, are looking forward to each forthcoming issue and will endeavor to play a supporting role in the advances your spirit and love of flowers will bring to the floral industry.

    Tom Biondo
    Royal Flowers; Miami, Fla.

  • Congratulations on breathing some much needed fresh air into Florists’ Review. A lot of good info, and the format is much more attractive.

    However, one thing that drives us crazy on the wholesale side are photos of arrangements with flowers are not in season during the time of the issue. To wit: The bouquet on your January cover has red peonies in it that are not available in February.

    David Dahlson
    Mayesh Wholesale Florist; Los Angeles, Calif.

  • As an advertiser and reader of Florists’ Review, I want to give kudo’s on the new look, feel and content of the magazine. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

    Linda Adams, FCHP
    Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Assn. (FNGLA)
    Orlando, Fla.

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