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Field to Vase

The origin and growing methods behind the owers con-       farmers’ dedication to the environment; to employees;
sumers purchase, give as gifts and use to adorn special    and to delivering fresh, safe, breathtaking American
events matter. In fact, where and how owers are grown      Grown owers and foliage.
is now front of mind with consumers and orists alike.      The outcome of these efforts can be seen right here in
It’s called “ eld to vase,” and it’s a movement backed     the 2016 California Flower and Farm Guide. Turn the
by the California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC) and         pages of this guide, and you’ll have an appreciation for
our ower farmers who are committed to beautiful, sus-      the hard work and breathtaking products of California’s
tainably grown owers.                                       ower farmers. Read the pro les of the ower farmers
The state of California has a long track record of some    included in the publication, and you’ll get a real sense
of the most stringent environmental standards, and         of their passion and dedication.
California’s ower farmers are industry leaders in the      As proud sponsors and supporters of the Certi ed
development of environmentally friendly practices that     American Grown campaign, the ower farmers of
meet rigorous standards. Today, our ower farmers con-      California also invite you to attend one of the American
tinue to invest heavily in technology that reduces their   Grown Field to Vase Dinners in 2016. This national
use of energy and natural resources, including hydro-      dinner tour, which met with amazing success last year,
ponics, drip irrigation, solar power, and water recycling  is an important effort to connect our farms with custom-
and recirculation systems. It’s a sustainable approach     ers and consumers who are passionate about the rich
that Californians and ower lovers nationwide say they      tradition and promotion of the owers we grow right here
prefer. We practice it every day.                          in the U.S.A.
Expanding on that approach and doubling-down on our        Last year’s 10-dinner series garnered headlines nation-
commitment, CCFC this year established BloomCheck,         wide, as are this year’s dinners, which continue to play
California’s rst sustainable cut ower certi cation         to sellout crowds. More proof that origin does matter!
program. The BloomCheck program establishes best           Your support for locally grown, American Grown, sus-
practices for cut ower farms and includes a third-party    tainably grown owers also makes a genuine difference
assurance that they are environmentally sustainable and    and moves our efforts forward.
economically viable.                                       Why not take the next step in supporting and promoting
Flower farms that have earned BloomCheck certi cation      America’s ower farmers by signing up for our Field
have met the most rigorous standards for growing ow-       Notes newsletter at eldnotes? It’s one
ers in the United States. For the oral industry, Bloom-    more way you can join the movement.
Check is the gold standard in certi cation, recognizing

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