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It’s my pleasure to introduce the 2016 California Farm        Certi ed American Grown campaign, that has struck a
and Flower Guide, a spectacular publication that cele-        chord with consumers, retailers and even policymakers.
brates the various ower and foliage varieties grown in        After all, anyone who is touched by the ower industry
our state and the ower farmers who grow them.                 can appreciate ower farmers’ dedication to implement-
Welcoming readers to this annual guide is one of the          ing sustainable growing practices that respect surround-
perks of being chair of the California Cut Flower             ing ecosystems, reduce transportation footprints, and
Commission (CCFC). I list it as a perk because I can’t        conserve water and energy. It’s a commitment that can
imagine a more wonderful honor than getting to show           now be backed by BloomCheck, our new certi cation
and tell about the amazing bounty that comes from             for sustainable ower farming that ensures farmers have
California’s ower farms.                                      met the most rigorous standards for growing owers in
You’ll nd this guide to be a handy resource for informa-      the nation.
tion on the state’s ower farms and for details and imag-      Thank you for taking an interest in our guide and in the
es of a wide range of owers and foliage from which to          ower farmers who continue to put local, sustainably
select. We think you’ll enjoy learning about each bloom       grown owers front and center with consumers, retail-
as well as reading about the farmers who are working          ers and wholesalers. We’re proud of the bounty they
hard to bring these gorgeous varieties to market.             produce and of the beauty their work brings to homes,
As you read the guide, you’ll see why the Certi ed            special events and life’s celebrations.
American Grown movement has gained such traction
with consumers who want assurance that the owers              Diana Roy, Chair
at the center of their tables were sustainably grown by       California Cut Flower Commission
“local” farmers who are sensitive to the environment. We
call it “ eld to vase,” and it’s a movement, paired with our

CCFC Board of Commissioners

DIANA ROY                         JUNE VAN WINGERDEN  TOM LEMUS                         DAVID VAN WINGERDEN            MICHAEL A. MELLANO
Chair                             First Vice Chair    Second Vice Chair                 S ecret a r y/ Trea s u rer    Past Chair
Resendiz Brothers Protea Growers  Ocean Breeze Farms  Farmers’ West Flowers & Bouquets  Westland Orchids               Mellano & Company
Fallbrook                         Carpinteria         Carpinteria                       Carpinteria                    San Luis Rey
District 4                        District 3          District 3                        District 3                     District 4

LANE DEVRIES                      CHAD NELSON         BENNO DOBBE                       JAN DELYSER                    CALIFORNIA CUT
The Sun Valley Group              Eufloria Flowers     Holland America Flowers           California Avocado Commission  FLOWER COMMISSION
Arcata                            Nipomo              Arroyo Grande                     Irvine                         PO Box 90225
District 1                        District 2          District 2                        Public Member                  Santa Barbara, CA 93190-0225
                                                                                                                       Phone: 916-441-1701
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