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This month, the staff at Florists’ Review went on the hunt for weddings outside the mainstream. Theme weddings or lifestyle weddings are unique statements about the couples and their desire to break free from the constraints of a traditional wedding.

As florists, it’s important for us to listen closely to our clients, and when a wedding comes along that’s really outside the box, it’s even more important.

Yes, weddings come in many religious or cultural forms, each requiring their own special set of solutions, but theme and lifestyle weddings are even more closely tied to the personal tastes of the couple and are much more difficult to get right.

One florist recently told me that he had put together flowers for a wedding with a medieval theme. The couple was so particular that the florist had to research flowers that might have been around and used during medieval times and that were in season during the month in which the couple got married. I laughed and wondered if they even had bridal bouquets in medieval England, but I didn’t dare press the question.

Another florist found herself on a ski slope in minus 10-degree temperatures. How do you keep your flowers from getting frostbite? It turns out plastic bins with heating sticks. Who knew?

Creative and often unconventional, solutions are needed for couples with special requirements. But creativity is often the stock and trade of florists, right? Meeting special challenges has its own feeling of accomplishment.

It also seems that these unique weddings have the most interesting stories to tell. What were the challenges, special requirements and/or funny stories? We all love the fun of a unique wedding, and in addition to seeing some of these types of weddings in our main feature beginning on Page 44, you can read about more experiences florists have encountered in our “Question of the Month” on Page 14.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to create the floral décor for a themed wedding but would like to design one to add to your portfolio of work, to showcase your capabilities to prospective clients, a styled photo shoot might be just the thing. Discover everything you need to know about organizing such a project in Part 1 of our exclusive feature on this trending practice on Page 60.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we did when putting it together.

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