Thomas De Bruyne’s Techniques for Floral Beauty

Thomas De Bruyne's Techniques for Floral Beauty

Traveling the world, Tomas De Bruyne, EMC, owner of Tomas De Bruyne Floral Experiences Worldwide in Ruddervoorde, Belgium, and co-founder of the international floral education program European Master Certification (EMC), divides his time between two diverse yet complementary facets of the floral industry. His event business, which specializes in large-scale floral art installations for private and social events, allows De Bruyne to examine the personal DNA of each event. “I am able to explore and execute what the clients want, who they are, what they are trying to say and what emotions they want to convey through flowers,” he explains.

“At the same time, I am delivering a design that is respectful to my style.” He shares the knowledge he has gained with florists hungering for education through demonstrations, presentations and teaching. “Communicating beauty through floral design requires education and knowledge,” De Bruyne comments. “Going to school and investing in education helps a designer on so many levels. This is one of the reasons we started the European Master Certification program. We believe we have to pass on our knowledge so that through each one of our student’s evolution as a designer, we contribute to the global growth of the floral industry. By examining each student’s floral DNA and giving each student the tools necessary to discover who he or she is as a person and a florist, each individual becomes the designer he or she is meant to be.”

De Bruyne’s latest educational tool for florists is his recently released book, Techniques for Floral Beauty.

Thomas De Bruyne's Techniques for Floral Beauty

Thomas De Bruyne's Techniques for Floral Beauty

Thomas De Bruyne's Techniques for Floral Beauty“It is an inspirational and educational book and is the most personal book I have done. The reader is able to see my personal designs and my emotional journey translated into flowers,” he shares. “Basically, the book is divided into three areas: 1) enjoying the beauty of the arrangements with gorgeous floral art, 2) the process of creating those pieces through step-by-step instructions, and 3) learning how the structures are created based on the elements and principles of the European Process of Design taught within the context of EMC,” he explains. “It provides a personal touch to lead the student to the next step of his or her floral journey by following the EMC program. It is essential to first look at the functionality and how something works before you can create a decorative design. Thus, the book focuses on the importance of nomenclature that gives the florist an opportunity to learn about flowers and how to respect them. Through this process, the floral student becomes a better designer because he or she now has the tools. I hope to lay the foundations or plant a mustard seed in each one of my students. It is then up to them to bloom.”

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