There’s a Floral Arrangement for Every Relationship Status


Miss Daisy can easily spot when something is blooming or drying out. Since 2014, the local female-owned-and-operated floral studio has created modern bouquets and arrangements for every type of event. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we sought out Miss Daisy’s advice on some humorous and hypothetical situations in which Las Vegas lovers could find themselves. _________________________ Dear Miss Daisy, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three months and I’m not sure he’s serious about us. Sure, we spend most weekends together because our work schedules don’t match up during the week, but I’m not certain it’s moving forward. For example, last month for my birthday, he took me to dinner but there was no gift. It’s really hard to tell what he’s feeling, so I think I need to make him jealous. I want to send flowers to myself to see if I get some sort of reaction. What do you think would work? Sincerely, Confused _________________________ Dear Confused, I see you are channeling Cher from Clueless, who says to send yourself flowers to show a boy how desired you are. I recommend our Home Run arrangement , which includes six dozen long-stem roses. It’s classic and a surefire […]