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The Softer Side of  Tropicals

For most florists, tropical flowers evoke visions of bright reds and oranges designed in a very architectural or linear way. Birds-of-paradise, red gingers, flax leaves and woven palm come to mind. This style certainly still exists, and while it has evolved, much of the design still rests on principles created more than 100 years ago.

So our quest during our trip to Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii was to uncover a new trend in tropicals, one we call the “Softer Side of Tropicals.” This trend involves mixing tropical-zone flowers with temperate-zone flowers like roses and Hydrangeas. This is not a new idea, but with advancements in air shipping and new pastel pink, purple, white and cream varietals, this trend is becoming more popular.

In our November 2016 issue, designer John Regan illustrated brilliantly how temperates can be combined with tropicals, creating new textures, longer-lasting flowers and a more exotic design (www.floristsreview.com/christmas-john-regan/) — all adding value and a distinctive look to his designs.

So with this idea in hand, Florists’ Review’s floral design coordinator Lori McNorton, photographer Sarah Collier, assistant Cheryl Rogers-Tadevich and I set off to Hawaii. We met with floral designers, farmers and wholesalers. It was a fantastic journey, and what we learned follows. I hope you’ll enjoy it  as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Travis Rigby, Publisher

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