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The world is a big place. It’s often fragmented, contentious and divided. Each of us bring our own beliefs, ethnicities, lifestyles, political affiliations and ideas about the world around us. But as florists, we know the one thing that transcends disharmony. We know what heals, unites and brings joy: flowers.

Flowers are the universal language of love and healing. They are a part of every important rite of passage in our lives and they bring joy to us on a daily basis.

Nowhere is that demonstrated better than in our celebrations of unity. Couples are now showering more money and flowers than ever on elaborate wedding ceremonies and lush after parties. For florists, that means big business.

But in order to fully capitalize on this business, we need to look around our communities and find underserved segments and new opportunities. Many of us serve the same communities we hail from, but we need to open our hearts and minds to different ideas of weddings. As couples look for creativity, they want a florist with diverse experience and a larger worldview.

This issue is dedicated to sharing florists’ experiences on how to court markets outside of their own bailiwick and give them tips on what to look and ask for.

One message was clear: Be open, and don’t be afraid to reach out. Ask questions and learn about new cultures, traditions and lifestyles while broadening your own worldview.

It is a big world: make sure you and your business take part in all it has to offer. 


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