Table of Contents – October 2016 – Vol. 207, No. 10

Technology Undercover: POS Systems

This two-part series will provide you with all the info, insight and perspective you’ll need to make the best technology choice for your shop.

Outstanding Event Florals
Whether for an intimate gathering or a large-scale gala, these varied settings offer inspiration to delight many tastes. Re-create them for your clients or add your shop’s own flair.

Magical Moments
Fort Lauderdale event planner Sean De Freitas makes every affair a memorable experience for clients and attendees.

Swoon-Worthy Parties
“Elevated events” are the domain of New York City event planner David Beahm.

Top Container Fashions
From colors to textures, these top 10 container styles can accommodate any composition you design.

South America’s “Rose Parade”
La Feria de las Flores, Colombia’s annual “Festival of Flowers,” features a spectacular flower parade as steeped in tradition and sentiment as America’s New Year’s Day fête.

More Weddings for Everyone!
How to increase your wedding website conversions by at least 400 percent.

Stimulating Brilliance
Programs at AIFD’s National Symposium delighted hundreds of attendees in Anaheim, Calif.

From the Publisher: Finding Your Successful Niche
by Travis Rigby


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