Table of Contents – December 2016 – Vol. 207, No. 12

Detroit Flower WEEK
Flowers at the White House

The former chief floral designer shares this rare experience and her breathtaking work.

Sylvia Cup Competition Inspired by Elvis
The 49th annual competition used a surprise theme influenced by the king of rock ‘n’ roll.

Detroit Flower Week
An amazing, eclectic collection of cutting-edge floral artists, flower farmers and more convened for this inaugural event of idea and knowledge sharing.

Be My Valentine
Find your new Valentine’s Day favorites from this menu, filled with fast and easy designs that are packing plenty of visual punch to entice customers.

Winter Gift Shows: Just Around the Corner
A mind-boggling lineup of new products and educational opportunities awaits attendees at the first gift markets of 2017.

Agriflor Success
Ecuador’s biennial trade fair draws more than 1,000 flower buyers.

Floral Distribution Conference Expands Horizons
WF&FSA hosts its biggest conference to date with many events, education programs and networking opportunities.

President and Publisher
Travis Rigby


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