Table of Contents – August 2016 – Vol. 207, No. 8

A story of how flowers and the actions of selfless florists helped heal a grieving community.

Sumptuous Sympathy Tributes
Offer families solace and stand out from the crowd with these luscious and lovely designs that invite the eye to linger.

Sympathy Trends: What You Need to Know
Over time, funerals have changed from traditional, standard services to having many options. Read our top 10 trends to keep up to date with the changing sympathy industry.

Building Relationships
Our favorite sympathy business expert explains how florists can create and strengthen lasting business relationships with funeral directors.

The Flower Workshop
A new book features dazzling arrangements, from simple to complex to inspire florists’ creative visions.

Aerial Celebrations
Now is the time to order your favorite Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day balloons.

Expo Highlights
The International Floriculture Expo (IFE) provided three days of business opportunities and floral education.

From the Publisher
The Powers of Flowers and Florists
by Travis Rigby

Pew Love

Urn Tribute

Lamp Décor

Fresh Flower

Biz Bits

Tech Talk
The Kim Kardashian Guide to Florist Online Marketing
by William O’Shea

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Hot Topic
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