Standing Ovation

Some event pieces genuinely stand the test of time and above the rest. Take note of this showstopper as it is already making the VIP list!

Standing Ovation

Standing OvationStrong structure, simplified lines, negative space and versatility are the hallmarks of this party prop. And with so many design options, its ROI should be realized in no time. Its design aesthetic includes sections customized for floral-foam bricks but does not restrict implementation of candles, plants, ornaments and so much more, especially in the upper tray. The negative space below the upper tray can feature hanging accents, suspended props, battery operated light strings, a weaving, or a photo or sign – the possibilities are infinite – depending on the event and its style. Just imagine this at a product launch, outdoor wedding, corporate awards ceremony or luxury hotel lobby – its potential is unlimited, and it’s a great addition to any event design offering. Follow talented designer Lori McNorton, Florists’ Review’s floral design coordinator, as she creates a two-tiered design.

Learn How

Step 1
Prepare and hydrate two poly-film-wrapped floral foam holders, and secure to shorter holder to the upper section of the stand and the longer holder to the lower section.

Step 2
Arrange Hydrangeas by color in irregularly shaped and sized groupings on the bottom tier. Repeat the same process using the baby’s-breath. Finish the lower tier with groupings of tulips and ivy.

Standing Ovation

Step 3
Similarly arrange flowers for the upper tier’s design in groupings, by flower, color and texture.

Step 4
Complete the composition by arranging callas in the top tier, in a waterfall style, to fill some of the negative space between, and visually join, the two tiers.

Standing Ovation