Set Yourself Up to Win

Set Yourself Up to Win

Dear Florist,

Do you set everyone up to win? Everyone includes you. Do you set yourself up to succeed? Do you do everything you can to make your life easier?

Set Yourself Up to WinGlorious living and productive mind-sets accommodate the win-win model of living where everyone can succeed in our abundant world because there’s enough for all. From here, it makes sense to honor each other with ease and grace by making it simple and easy to achieve personal and professional goals.

You deserve for everything to run smooth and a life filled with wonder, wellness and wisdom.

I invite you to review your activities this week and ask yourself if you are setting everyone up to win. When you are, congratulate yourself and celebrate it. When you can do better, follow these simple tips for setting everyone up for success:

1. Keep the result in mind. Ask, “What do we want?”

2. Consider the conditions that can guarantee results, and make a plan. Ask, “What’s the path of least resistance?”

3. Share the specific details with those involved. Ask, “Who needs to know what and when?”

With a little awareness and intent, you can set everyone up to win.

Be glorious, and live well!

Love, Macarena Your Virtual Fairy Godmother

Set Yourself Up to Win

Dr. Macarena Luz Bianchi is a flower lover, personaldevelopment coach, speaker and author of light-hearted empowering handbooks who loves tea and travel. You can sign up for her “Weekly Whims” newsletter at