seasonal tablescapes

Fresh seasonal florals and festive accessories form inspiring table décor for holiday entertaining.

designs by Lori Zirkle McNorton

red and green

Vintage elements and traditional Christmas florals join together in rustic displays of yuletide cheer enhanced with novel bicolor ‘Jester’ Leucadendrons for a modern touch. From country-style lanterns adorned with fresh flowers, evergreens and ornaments to a 2-foot-tall wooden church embellished with roses, larkspurs and white birch branches, components are thoughtfully blended to compose downhome nostalgia inducing aesthetics.

seasonal tablescape design featureDesign_Feature1115_firstspread1

gold and gilt
Bringing elegance to traditional holiday centerpieces, opulent gold containers hold ornaments perched in nests of metallic angel vine among holly and red Cymbidium orchids. The juxtaposition of gilded and rustic materials create a dichotomous aesthetic that makes these designs equally at home in a variety of settings from an urban townhouse to a country manor.


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