Annual Goals

Readers share plans to make 2017 their best year in business.

“We are focusing on social media awareness as well as increasing store traffic. We plan on targeting the younger market with our ability to add personalization to our products. And we’ll continue to train our personnel to provide the best service possible.”

Stephanie Cutts
Expressions Unlimited
Florist Greenville, S.C.

“Evaluate 2016; prioritize things that worked; release those things that didn’t. Balance business and personal. Social media is here to stay. Professionalism must be maintained. Embrace education. As Frankie Shelton, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, says, ‘If you’re green, you grow; if you’re not, you rot.’”

Lynette McDougald, aifd
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, Miss.

“We are expanding our shop. The space next door became vacant, and we decided to break through the wall. We will expand our plant area into more of a ‘garden’ center with wind chimes, garden stones, solar lights, etc. We will have a private consultation room for weddings and funerals. In order to make this affordable, I was able to split the space with a local art gallery looking for temperature-controlled storage space. They built the wall to split the space.”

Rakini Chinery
Allan’s Flowers and More
Prescott, Ariz.

“For us, it’s all about updating everything we do as we look to and prepare for the future. We have begun to update our website, newsletters, and Pinterest and other social media pages to reach more customers. We also have recently geared our monthly inhouse floral design class toward trends we have seen popularized in 2016. We are always on the lookout for new ideas from social media and magazines to push our 40-year-old company forward!”

Haley Sayre
Sequoia Floral International
Santa Rosa, Calif.

“We are updating the outside of our shop. We have already painted it a new color and added some shutters. We hope to add a mural on one side, along with a quote painted on a window. Just trying to get people’s attention as they drive by.”

Sheri Mahr
Sheri’s Flowers
Fallbrook, Calif.

“We plan to keep educating our clientele about floral options, prices and availability. When you show confidence, they will listen, and they will follow your advice. One client at a time, we can do this!”
Andie Muller, fsmd
The Flower Studio
Altamonte Springs, Fla.

“Last November, we met with local event coordinators and left copies of a hardcover book we created using photos of our event work. We also have started participating in smaller-venue wedding showcases, and we have switched to a different hosting company for our website. In addition, we have created 12 monthly notebooks with specific goals broken down by weeks to keep us on track.”
Leah Van Ness
Montville Florist
Uncasville, Conn.

“We are making a new funeral book for five mortuaries in the area to increase business. We are also working on our social media campaign. We will be starting a new incentive program for our staff to encourage upselling — increasing our average sale
amount and selling add-on items.”
Stephanie Navas
Flowers on Broadway
Rocky Point, N.Y.

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