Question of the Month

Question of the Month - August

Brides today are coming in for their consults sooner. It used to be four to six months out, but today we are booking 12 months out. The majority of brides today are open to suggestions based off inspirations. Many are spending money on head/sweetheart tables, hand-tied bouquets for personal flowers, and lush ceremony flowerscapes with lots of climbing and trailing greens. Hair flowers, from crowns to combs, are a must.
Chandra Christenson
Simplified Celebrations
Richland, Wash.

The most prominent request we receive from brides is to quote prices from Pinterest photos. They typically have great expectations and small unrealistic budgets. After long explanations about availability and cost, value becomes the priority rather than the Pinterest look. A small percentage of couples choose extravagant, classic peonies and David Austin roses mixed with cottage-look fillers and delicate draping foliage. Currently, most popular is an unstructured, rustic natural look: grasses and vintage country flowers and textured foliage, with one or two premium focal flowers, either Proteas, peonies or David Austin roses. Dahlias and Ranunculuses also are becoming very popular. The most-often-requested color palette is deep burgundy and white, ivory or pale blush flowers teamed with delicate Eucalyptus foliage and subtle cottage fillers.
Ingrid Kapel
Florabunda Flowers
Queensland, Australia

My young brides are delightful in their inexperience of what is appropriate for weddings. They usually come to me with a color scheme and ideas they have found on Pinterest. This year they are going with either navy blue or a burgundy shade with a blush of pink. The bridal bouquet is still the main focus in the flowers, and my typical bride wants a free-form bouquet with some drape – but not a cascade. Succulents are still somewhat popular, but they are definitely are on their way out. Event size is usually smaller, with a trend of an outdoor wedding with an indoor reception.
Velvet Branstetter
Knot As It Seems Flowers and Gifts
Moberly, Mo.

Ninety-five percent of our brides today make their first contact with us by email. They typically want to know what services we offer and prices. Because of the many factors and variables involved in determining prices, we try to schedule in-person consultation appointments. Most bridal customers are more concerned with reception décor than personal flowers. Most are really into the “garland” look and vintage style, and many want a greenery or floral wall, but once they get the quote, we often have to discuss other options. Today’s brides are more detailed orientated because of the Internet and social media. Events range from large to small, but most are midrange ($2,500-$5,500), which few other florists in our area like to do.
Darlene Nelson
DLN Floral Creations
Naperville, Ill.

Today’s younger bridal clients request both interesting floral arrangements and classic and elegant ones. Seasonal foliage, bold and muted colors, locally grown flowers, and budget consciousness are the pervasive trends. Natural objects and family heirlooms are usually on the list of must-haves.
Carolyn Conglis
Blooms ’n Boxes
Chicago, Ill.

Brides are asking for lots of greenery, especially silver dollar, seeded and gunnii Eucalyptus. Cream, white and blush pink hues are still the most requested. More and more brides are buying/selling, reusing and trading all kinds of containers, vessels, pieces of logs, etc., among themselves – which often ends up with them having the wrong size, discordant and/or not enough vessels, leaving us to work miracles and make everything look cohesive. Another trend is to forgo corsages for mothers and boutonnières for the wedding party. Mothers don’t want to feel like they are going to a prom, and men are using pocket squares to add color to their suits. More and more weddings are not taking place in a church or religious center. In 2017, nearly half of our couples were not married in a church and did not have a minister, priest or rabbi marry them. Many are choosing nondenominational officiants, judges or mayors to marry them, or they’re choosing to “self unite,” which is legal in Pennsylvania and goes back to our Quaker heritage.
Cheryl Bakin
Parkway Florist Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

My clients are gravitating toward an organic/free-form style in overall design as opposed to traditional/classic designs. They are asking for more unique florals, and many are willing to be “experimental.” I get many requests for non-traditional boutonnières and corsages or clients wishing to eliminate them all together. Many clients view them as dated and prefer to allocate their budgets for event’s overall décor.
Melissa Kuzma
MKuzma Designs
Brookfield, Ill.

The ages of nuptial couples has shifted upward, to the early-30-something range. The couples have completed their education and are working and have resources to contribute to wedding costs. They tend to be “big picture” planners, considering every aspect – venue, food and beverage, and entertainment – and they attempt to create a cohesive theme. They are still relatively uneducated on seasonality, don’t care where flowers are grown, and they rely to heavily on Pinterest.
Lynette McDougald, AIFD
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State, Miss.