Problem Solved: Pinterest Brides

eExtra-articletwo-AUG16Hi Lori,
I love it when brides have Pinterest pages because they provide me with pictures of their interests and themes, but when they have 50 images, it becomes a problem! They sometimes have a hard time understanding what’s realistic for me to deal with. How can I sort through the jumble or, better yet, ask them to help me?

~ Danny, from Washington

Danny, most florists consider Pinterest to be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s super helpful to have a visual. On the other, it can be such a mess. Here are my suggestions.

1. Ask them to pick their top three images to give you an idea of their absolute favorite themes. Make sure those images are cohesive. The looks must coordinate. It’s better to politely explain this before having them pick so that there’s no confusion on their end.

2. Be sure to let them know that the chosen themes must also coordinate with their bridal and bridesmaid gowns. For example, if the gowns are elegant, the theme should have potential for elegance, and the images should coincide.

3. Ask them to pick their three favorite flowers. This will help you visualize the sorts of arrangements you can design to fit the chosen themes.

4. Most flowers today are available year-round, but some are more expensive at various times during the year. Pinterest images tend to glorify a particular blossom, and brides want that specific flower because they want their arrangements to look exactly like the picture. As it often does, the occasion may arise that you’ll need to explain to your bride that you can achieve a similar look with a different flower choice that fits her budget.

Despite the need for occasional clarification, Pinterest is a great tool for both brides and florists. It can help you to make your brides’ days special, which just might gain you many lifetime clients. Hope this helps, Danny.

~ Lori

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