Mix it up on Valentine’s Day with a floral arrangement that goes beyond standard red roses

Mix it up on Valentine's Day with a floral arrangement that goes beyond standard red roses

Everyone needs a little love on Valentine’s Day. No one, however, needs a boring bouquet of red roses. A token of fondness, appreciation or friendship has more meaning if it’s a truly personal gesture. A little inventiveness goes a long way. That matters more than shelling out a bunch of money – although the National Retail Federation predicts American consumers will spend an average of $144 on Valentine’s Day this year – about $19.6 billion all told, which is $1.4 billion more than last year. Valentine’s Day gift inspiration should begin with what the recipient likes – that person’s favorite color or favorite flower – suggested Laura Dowling, a former White House floral designer who will judge this year’s Texas Designer of the Year Competition at Bayou Bend’s visitors’ center on March 3, a new feature of the annual Azalea Trail. One doesn’t have to be a slave to red just because it’s Valentine’s Day. But if red roses are desired, maybe they become an element within a more interesting mix. Roses can play nice with blousy peonies, delicate little sweet peas, perky daffodils, elegant tulips or a bright stem of blooming forsythia to bring a humdrum bouquet to […]