making memories for mom

Gardeny blossoms and tropical orchids are quintessential Mother’s Day flowers, and both are beautifully blended in these holiday specials.

Designs by Lori Zirkle McNorton


olfactory awesomeness

Creating sensory experiences of sight and smell that will trigger memories for mom forever, garden roses, stocks and mint are thoughtfully combined not only to form an exhilarating medley of heavenly scents, much as a perfumer might, but also to create an ambrosial blend of colors and textures when accentuated with Iceland poppies and Dendrobium orchids.


With fragrance being a purchase motivator for many flower shoppers, Mother’s Day provides a prime opportunity to showcase aromatic blossoms and other botanicals to lots of consumers in a short period. This enchanting composition, which offers styling that is at once traditional and fashion forward, features redolent garden roses, lavender, mint and scented geranium leaves nestled among sprays of tropical orchids.

mother’s day classics

In one form or another, roses and orchids have been quintessential Mother’s Day blooms for decades. These designs blend modern versions of the two in current stylings.


sweet harmony

A modest half-dozen stems of exotic orchids make an grand statement rising from a base of gardeny blossoms. The planned synthesis of flowers’ of contrasting personalities and colors achieves an elegant yet spirited aesthetic.



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