topless topiaries

Create as many topiary “bases” as there are bouquets in the bridal party for elegant and value-added reception décor.

     Whatever their budgets, today’s brides want to know they’re getting good values for their dollars. Of course, they still want gorgeous arrangements, and this topiary, designed to hold a bridesmaid’s bouquet as reception décor, is a creative way to give bridal clients both exceptional value and exquisite beauty.

     Deliver the “topless” topiaries to the reception site, and instruct the bride and her maids to simply nestle their bouquets into the centers of the Equisetum bundles. For larger bouquets, use twigs at the center of each bundle for greater strength, or arrange the Equisetum around a plastic tube or cylinder vase.

     Be sure to suggest such arrangements as money savers during consultations. Potential clients will be sure to commit with your shop’s value-oriented wedding ways.

MATERIALS: Equisetum from The Hiawatha Corporation; ‘Medeo,’ ‘Valerie’ and ‘Snowy’ sweetheart roses, Stephanotises, Hydrangeas and miniature Gerberas from Rosa Flora Limited;  ninebark (Physocarpus) and clay pot from favorite suppliers; reindeer moss from Knud Nielsen Company; Venus Bouquet Holder, Standard with Aquafoam® from Syndicate Sales; Colortool Sprays from Design Master Color Tool; Oasis™ Bind Wire from Oasis® Floral Products.

Fill a faux-mossed pot with a bundle of Equisetum. Cut the Equisetum to a uniform height. (Learn how to apply the faux-moss treatment in the January 2008 video.)
  HOW TO 2:
Tuck the straight-handled bouquet holder into the center of the Equisetum bundle.
Secure the bundle with a band of decorative wire. Remove the bouquet holder, and arrange floral materials into it.

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