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Flowers and Hollywood have created a powerful collaboration. Take a look at some of the big events Colombian flowers graced this year.
  by Kelsey E. Smith

     The stars, the sounds, the fashions—perhaps no experience is quite like going to a movie, unless, of course, that movie is part of a major Hollywood premiere event. The stars dress to the nines, but the fashions go beyond designer gowns and jewels to include stylish floral arrangements that bring their own star power to the events.

setting the stage
     Asocolflores (the Association of Colombian Flower Exporters) has prompted much exposure for fresh Colombian flowers via relationships with several major Hollywood film studios including

Heart-shaped wreaths covered in roses were incorporated into the promotional décor for the premiere of Valentine’s Day. Collage Floral Design and Events in Los Angeles created approximately 25 wreaths—each covered with about 15 dozen roses—for the step-and-repeat banner of the red-carpet event.
Photo courtesy of Ethical Trade
Summit Entertainment and Warner Bros. Ernesto Vélez, who passed away last March and was chairman of the association’s board of directors, initiated the idea along with Richard Griffiths, country branding advisor and director of Ethical Trade, based in Bogotá. Following a trip to New York City for a promotion of Colombian flowers in 2008, the two met with the president of Warner Bros. to discuss building a relationship between Hollywood and Colombian flowers as well as flowers in general.

      “Ernesto believed in consumption as the key to getting younger people to see the significance of flowers,” Mr. Griffiths relates. “My task was to develop a program for Colombian flowers and Hollywood. Historically, there are so many films in which flowers became an integral part, and it’s nice to remind consumers of these key moments and how flowers are important in films.”

     With the support of Asocolflores, Mr. Griffiths has carried out this goal on several projects this year—most notably, the premieres of Warner Bros. movies Valentine’s Day and Sex and the City 2 and Summit Entertainment’s Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson of Twilight movie fame. In addition, ‘Pink Intuition’ roses, from Benchmark Growers/The Queen’s Flowers, were used for the Academy Awards celebration of Kathryn Bigelow, who received the Oscar for Best Director for her work on The Hurt Locker.

“The arrangement with the studios was simple,” Mr. Griffiths says. “We would supply fresh Colombian roses for their productions and premieres, and they would give flowers the needed push for their marketing machine. Now we’re seeing studios looking at how they can incorporate more flowers into the scripts and requesting Colombian flowers, and a lot of other flower groups are getting involved with the entertainment industry as well.”

     Jairo Cadavid, director of promotion and communication for Asocolflores, believes having more flowers in movies will increase consumption and lead to a heightened awareness of flowers in consumers’ everyday lives.

     “Conductive models that promote the film industry can be an important way to encourage Americans to take home more flowers,” Mr. Cadavid says. “If we get the writers to include in their scripts scenes related to the purchase and proper treatment [of flowers], the Colombian growers have taken a step in the right direction.”     He adds that the initiative includes not only a push for Colombian flowers in U.S. movie releases but also involvement with the Colombia Film Commission at fairs as well as promotion of visits to Colombia by producers and script writers.

Vases of ‘Pink Intuition’ roses graced the Academy Awards celebration thrown by actress Jodie Foster for Kathryn Bigelow, who was named Best Director for her work on The Hurt Locker. Eye-catching signage identified the rose variety and included the logo of Benchmark Growers.
Photo courtesy of Ethical Trade

Grand arrangements of Colombian roses created elegant backdrops for photos, including this one of leading lady Sarah Jessica Parker, at the Sex and the City 2 premiere.
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Celebrity guest Barbara Eden holds a ‘Pink Intuition’ rose upon arriving at the premiere of Valentine’s Day.
Photo courtesy of Ethical Trade

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