wedding bouquet

bouquets on high

This arrangement provides a clever way to display personal bouquets.

Design by Tina Stoecker, AIFD, PFCI

    Often when bridal parties arrive at wedding receptions, the bride and her maids simply toss their bouquets onto a table before heading off to mingle with guests or check out the buffet. This impressive creation provides an innovative way to display those precious personal flowers for all to see.
    The secret behind the design’s success is stability; the vase is filled with curly willow branches, which create a secure armature for the flowers, and paper-covered wire provides essential reinforcement. The thickest curly willow branches support natural bouquet “holders,” which are created by coiling short lengths of curly willow into small wreaths, approximately 3 inches in diameter. The holders are secured to the curly willow branches, at staggered heights, with paper-covered wire, and the bouquets are carefully placed into them upon the wedding party’s arrival. To further support the weight of the bouquets, the willow branches are bound together at various points with paper-covered wire.
    To ensure this arrangement’s balance, both visually and physically, it is important to include a limited number of bouquets. Here, only the bride’s bouquet and that of her honor attendant are showcased. The flower choices in the vase arrangement reflect those in each monochromatic bouquet although lilies also are included to provide a fuller effect.

‘Absolut’ roses and stocks from Royal Flowers; ‘White Gazer’ lilies from The Sun Valley Group; Hydrangeas, baby’s breath (Gypsophila), Genista, curly willow and ti leaves from favorite suppliers; Oasis® Bind Wire from Smithers-Oasis.
Coil several lengths of curly willow into a “wreath,” approximately 3 inches in diameter.
  HOW TO 2:
Bind the curly willow “wreath” with paper-covered wire to hold its shape. Create additional wreaths as needed.
  HOW TO 3:
Secure the willow wreaths to the willow branches in the arrangement with paper-covered wire. Place a bouquet into each willow wreath.

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