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This trio of tabletop candleholders inspires imaginative elevated floral centerpieces that twinkle with candlelit ambience.

    That delightful season of warm days and crisp nights known as autumn will soon make its all-too-short appearance. Couples who choose to wed during this time often wish to incorporate the glorious color palette that nature affords, and, with candles, can surround their guests with the warmth of flickering candlelight on a cool autumn evening.
    We’ve paired these two elements together to offer you ideas for fabulous fall arrangements created in stylish candelabra. The candleholders are investments, but they’re wonderful wedding selections that, as rental items, can enhance your shop’s appeal to bridal customers.

Floral Fireworks

Rays of terra-cotta-hued callas light up the room as they erupt, in a fiery burst, from an orb of roses amassed tightly in a small foam-filled dish atop a shimmering candlestick. The silvery structure is designed to hold a pillar candle, so the candleholder is removed and a 6-inch dish is taped in its place. Strips of tea-light holders encase the contemporary candleholder’s square base, and rose petals, in all the season’s most glorious hues, repeat the autumnal color palette at the tabletop level.

MATERIALS: miniature callas from CallaCo; ‘Milva’, ‘Magnum’ and ‘Circus’ roses from Green Valley Floral; Polished Aluminum Pillar Holder and Five-Tea-Light Holders from Jamali Garden Supplies; Designer Dish and Aquafoam® floral foam from Syndicate Sales.

Star Bursts

Dripping with juicy clusters of sugar-coated grapes, this arrangement of fragrant star-shaped lilies and flowing ivy is a feast for the senses. With candleholders at its base, this elegant candelabrum affords a grand floral arrangement at its top. There, the candelabrum features a large bowl that holds an 8.5-inch tray into which the materials are arranged. The design’s spherical formation, enhanced by the sugary clusters, repeats the shape of the crystal orbs on the candelabrum’s stem. To ensure edibility of the tabletop clusters, coat the fruits with egg whites and then roll them in sugar.

MATERIALS: ‘Shocking’ Oriental lilies from Green Valley Floral; ivy from 1-800-CUT-GREENS; wired wood picks from W.J. Cowee; grapes, sugar and pillar candles from favorite suppliers; Crystal Candelabrum from Regal Candelabra; Designer Tray and Aquafoam® floral foam from Syndicate Sales.


Autumn Orchids

Atop an iron candelabrum, a series of 16 votive candles rings an exotic mix of orchids spraying from its center. On the tabletop, additional orchid blooms float inside small vases and others, sprinkled atop the table, appear to have fallen from the orchid “tree.” These stunning varieties, each chosen for its autumnal hue, offer a sophisticated way of capturing the striking palette that is the turning leaves of fall.

MATERIALS: Aranda, Aranthera and Mokara orchids from Amy’s Orchids; iron candelabrum and vases from SNK Enterprises; Filled Candle Votives, Designer Tray and Aquafoam® floral foam from Syndicate Sales.

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