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Wire fencing and clay pots bring the ambience of the outdoors in.

Full of fall and perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, this display gets customers thinking about autumn cultivating and planting. Columns of wire fencing paired with inverted clear plastic trays provide airy, sturdy pedestals for clay pots filled with permanent botanicals. The pedestal in the background is based in a large clay saucer, and the wire cylinder is filled with randomly stacked smaller pots. The pedestal in the foreground not only holds a pot of lilies but also encircles another pot filled with “bulbs” just beginning to break into bloom.

MATERIALS: permanent lilies from Silk Botanica; permanent artichokes from Natural Decorations, Inc. (NDI); clay pots from Compradores; 11-inch Designer Trays from Syndicate Sales; wire fencing from local nursery.

Excerpted from Florists’ Review 101 Great Displays with Coordinating Designs.

Cut a 34.5-inch-wide piece of farm fence to fit the circumference of an 11-inch-round tray. Wire the ends of
the fence together to form a cylinder.
Place the wire cylinder into a clay container, and randomly stack smaller clay pots inside.
Place an 11-inch- round tray on top of the wire cylinder to finish the pedestal.

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