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Eight sumptuous bouquet selections for fall and winter weddings.

Visual tapestries of vibrant colors and luxurious textures are hallmarks of autumn, the abundant harvest season, and winter, the season of Hanukkah and Christmas opulence. Weddings scheduled during the fall and winter months should embrace the qualities of the seasons, and florals, including bouquets, reflect their bounty and brilliance.

Here, a selection of eight bouquets embrace the glorious grandeur of fall and winter. Duplicate them for your wedding customers or consider them to inspire alternatives to match your bridal couples’ preferences, fashions and color palettes.

Designs by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD; Dresses from Watters & Watters

feathered frenzy
Ideal for late fall and throughout the winter months, this breathtaking bouquet features stunning ‘Black Baccara’ roses and deep crimson Leucadendrons complemented by sage-hued Scabiosa pods. The palette, more complex than the traditional Christmas reds and greens, is further blackened by a feathery burst of dark plumes, some of which conceal the bouquet holder’s rounded plastic base while others, encircling the florid mound in seemingly haphazard insertions, allow a masterfully smooth segue from collar to nosegay.

MATERIALS: ‘Black Baccara’ roses from Virgin Farms; Leucadendrons and Scabiosa pods from Ocean View Flowers; black feathers from Knud Nielsen Company; Venus Straight-Handle Bouquet Holder from Syndicate Sales.


haute couture
Arranged in a bouquet holder with a stylized silver-hued handle, ravishing jewel-toned florals are accessorized by the fine tendrils of peacock feathers in boalike fashion, forming a glamorous designer bouquet for holiday season wedding ceremonies and even elegant events in late autumn, especially evening affairs.

MATERIALS: stocks and Delphiniums from Ocean View Flowers; peacock feather sprays from Allstate Floral & Craft; Elegant® Bouquet Holder from Smithers-Oasis.


carnation opulence

Using one of the many striking new varieties of carnations that are available today, this ravishing monobotanical nosegay demonstrates that the much-maligned blossom has its place at even upscale affairs and is no longer relegated to only the most budget-friendly weddings. The key is an unusual or unexpected presentation—here, in a radiant mound encircled by permanent Magnolia leaves and secured inside a textural posy holder—that once again reveals the fascinating character of these enchanting flowers.

MATERIALS: carnations from favorite supplier; permanent Magnolia leaves from Sullivans; grass posy holder from Accent Décor; FloraShapes® Bouquet Holder from Floralife; Hot-Melt Glue from Smithers-Oasis.


bounteous bouquet
Celebrating autumn’s fruitful abundance, grand bicolor ‘Estelle’ roses, in a resplendent terra-cotta hue, are featured along with diminutive Hypericum berries, permanent crab apples and fluffy harvest grasses, which, among the large rose blossoms, are most impacting in groups. Further textural intrigue is added to the diverse mound with a soft collar of feather clusters around the bouquet’s perimeter. The magnificent collection, in a bouquet holder, is tailored with an elegant Posy Pocket® into which the bouquet holder is secured.

MATERIALS: ‘Estelle’ roses from Virgin Farms; Hypericum from favorite supplier; permanent crab apples from Jim Marvin Enterprises; grasses from Ocean View Flowers; feathers from Schusters of Texas; Posy Pocket® bouquet holder from Cameo MacGuffin; Venus Straight-Handle Bouquet Holder from Syndicate Sales; Cling® Floral Adhesive from Floral Specialties.

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