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Dazzle brides, grooms and their guests with these coordinated ceremony flowers in seasonal hues.

Designs by Ian Prosser, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, NDSF

Go beyond the basic ceremony decor with these gorgeous floral backdrops that set the scene for a couple's solemn vows. FTD Education Team member Ian Prosser, aifd, aaf, pfci, ndsf, owner of Botanica International Design Studio in Tampa, Fla., shared his creative spark in four distinctive settings that capture the lush options for fall and winter weddings. This design feature, and Mr. Prosser's work on it, were sponsored by FTD Group, Inc.

guest designer:
Ian Prosser, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, NDSF, is owner of Botanica International Design Studio in Tampa, Fla., and Botanica Boca Grande in Boca Grande, Fla. Mr. Prosser has more than 30 years of experience in the floral industry. He got his start in Glasgow, Scotland, and he is a graduate of Woodburn Horticultural College in Scotland. He is an FTD Design Instructor and Education Team Member.

autumn splendor
The rich bronze hue that bases this setting is enhanced by the multicolored browns and golds of the romantic ribbon curtain from which flickering mechanical tealights dangle. The ribbons are knotted around a wooden dowel, to which the greenery garland is attached with zip ties. Water-tubed blooms are tucked into the garland, with some blooms wired so they drape into a natural outline. The Viking chrysanthemums, which are knotted into the ribbons trailing from the unity candle wreath, and the brilliant yellow sunflowers, which are pinned to the streamers on the chair markers, add a punch of color that gives the entire setting dimension.

HOW-TO: Create a small bouquet of sunflowers and croton leaves. Tie a single, multiribboned bow, and wire it into the bouquet. Pin sunflower blossoms to the ribbon streamers with corsage pins. Tie the bouquet to the chairback with an additional length of ribbon.

MATERIALS: Leonidas, roses, Sunset L.A. hybrid lilies, Resouci chrysanthemums, Viking spray chrysanthemums, sunflowers, Viburnum berries, croton leaves, seeded Eucalyptus and plumosa fern from FTD Flower Exchange; ribbons from Lion Ribbon Co.; Patrician brand pillar and taper candles from Candle Artisans; battery-operated LED hanging votive candles from Acolyte Systems; Oasis MëchÄ Wreath and Oasis Floral Foam from Smithers-Oasis; Aquatubes and Wrapsit Floral Ties from Syndicate Sales; corsage pins from favorite suppliers.


winter drama
Dramatic scale is achieved in these urns of snow-white and green blooms. The florals are grouped for greater impact, to draw the eyes to each of the gorgeous varieties in turn. Little foliage is used, though kale, bells-of-Ireland and Green Goddess callas add a verdant complement. The arrangements are designed in trays or slightly rounded bowls, later set atop the urns, for safe transport and easier assembly at the ceremony site. Large designer blocks of foam covered in chicken wire ensure stability for the many lengthy stems. Mosaic floral pedestals made of floral-foam bricks accommodate urn footprints that are slightly smaller than the pedestals on which they sit and incorporate an additional repeating element.

HOW-TO: Cut greenery into 6-inch pieces, and wire the pieces in overlapping fashion. To ensure stability, tie a waxed string to the first piece and, using it as a spine, place subsequent greens along the string and wire around all. Weave the Dendrobium orchids among the greenery before hanging the garland.

MATERIALS: Vendela roses and White Majolica spray roses; Royal Creation and Printal L.A. hybrid lilies, Green Goddess callas, Hydrangeas, Gerberas, Dendrobium orchids, snapdragons, Yoko Ono spray chrysanthemums, bells-of-Ireland, stocks, Astilbe, waxflowers, kale, Hypericum, holly, white pine, foxtail fern and berries from FTD Flower Exchange; urns, columns and balustrades from Rotonics Manufacturing, Inc.; Aquafoam Moby Bricks from Syndicate Sales.


fall bower
Try this technique for a twist on the traditional arch decor, which makes a lovely outdoor setting or can be brought inside for a gardeny aesthetic. Both the designs attached to the top of the arch and the potted birch trees and flanking arrangements are staggered, with one at the front and one at the back, to create dimension in the setting. Lovely vegetative designs of rich-colored Gladioli and spicy cinnamon-colored Leonidas roses obscure the trees pots, and the spider mums, lilies and roses in the archway designs are arranged so that they, too, have depth and dimension for a dynamic design.

HOW-TO: Ensure the flowers are arranged securely into floral-foam-cage holders. Be sure the designs extend so that when in place, they will give the illusion of a single floral arch. Attach the cages to the arch with zip ties, one to the front and the other to the back.

MATERIALS: Leonidas roses, Sunset L.A. hybrid lilies, Anastasia Bronze spider chrysanthemums, Gladioli, snapdragons, bells-of-Ireland, Hypericum, foxtail fern, ming fern, Arabian jasmine and salal from FTD Flower Exchange; Trellis Arch from B&C Mortensen Wood Products; Floracage Holders from Smithers-Oasis; potted birch trees from local nursery.


rose romance
Pairs of distinctive iron candelabra whose branches mimic the delicate limbs of winter-bare saplings create a romantic frame for a petal-covered aisle. Bright red Freedom roses are massed upon floral-foam spheres of varying sizes. The rose stems are dipped into floral adhesive before insertion for a secure hold. The largest spheres are impaled in the centers of the candelabra, and smaller spheres accent the pedestals beneath the trees, with a clear cylinder vase elevating one of the spheres on each pedestal. Masses of a single variety of rose make a great impact, but be sure not to underestimate the number of blooms needed to create this lush look. Hundreds are used here.

HOW-TO: To accurately calculate the amount of rose petals needed and provide your shop and customer with an accurate price test the desired look in a one-square-foot space. Note the amount of petals needed, then multiply that by the total square footage of the aisle.

MATERIALS: Freedom roses from FTD Flower Exchange; Iron Tree (WS83) with hanging tealights from Regal Candelabra; Oasis Spheres, Oasis Netted Spheres and Oasis Floral Adhesive from Smithers-Oasis; pedestals and red tealight candles from favorite suppliers.

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