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repurposing the fall wreath

Ten imaginative wreaths and wreath alternatives for tabletop display.

    Wreaths are among the most welcoming of symbols, but they’re not just for doors, nor are they only round, anymore. Inspired to reinvent the fall wreath, designer J. Keith White, AIFD, created these hospitable, up-to-date selections for autumn entertaining.
    J. Keith White, AIFD, is partner and design director for AANDK Productions in Houston, Texas, a special-events company for retail, corporate and trade clients. He is involved in the Texas State Florists’ Association and the Allied Florists of Houston, which awarded him Member of the Year in 1996. Mr. White is a member of the FTD Education Team and the California Cut Flower Commission Education/Outreach Team. Other members of the FTD Education Team are Jeffrey Corbin, AIFD, AAF, PFCI; Deborah De La Flor, AIFD, PFCI; Toomie Farris, AIFD, AAF; Ann Jordan, AIFD, AAF, MMFD; John Klingel, AIFD, AAF, PFCI; Kristine Kratt, AIFD; Ivan Moreno; Ian Prosser, AIFD, AAF, NDSF; and Tina Stoecker, AIFD, PFCI.

This design feature and Mr. White’s work on it were sponsored by FTD Group, Inc.

Seasonal Tapestry

Reflecting the traditional upright position of a welcoming wreath, this gorgeous creation, which displays the fiery palette of fall’s turning leaves, assures plenty of room for edible fare on a Thanksgiving table filled to overflowing. Botanical elements, including pods, moss and millet, both in the wreath and tucked into the vase, invoke harvest textures and ensure suitability through the holiday. Remind buyers to replenish the vessel’s water supply to maintain weight and prevent toppling.

MATERIALS: Mokara orchids, Dahlias and China millet courtesy of FTD Flower Exchange; Nature Mix and Reindeer Moss from Knud Nielsen Company; Moderne Vase from Accent Décor; ribbon from Berwick Offray; Aquafoam® Designer Ring from Syndicate Sales; votive candles from favorite supplier.

Tailored Textures

Bold blocks of color, created with texturally intriguing spray carnations and spray roses, are punctuated with the smooth sheen of groups of tiny Hypericum orbs in this upright tabletop wreath. The modern decorative, which is held in place by the vertical bamboo and clad in a webbing of copper bullion wire, would be dramatic in pairs on buffet or entry tables.

MATERIALS: ‘Mambo’ spray roses, spray carnations and Hypericum courtesy of FTD Flower Exchange; Burned Bamboo from Knud Nielsen Company; Fiesta Green Square Votives from Syndicate Sales; Tuscan Sun Vase from The John Henry Company; Oasis® Ring Holder and Oasis® Copper Decorative Bullion Wire from Smithers-Oasis; chenille stem from favorite supplier.



Ideal for sophisticated evening gatherings, this elevated centerpiece embraces the colors, textures and fruitful elements of autumn. To maximize the coverage and impact of the premium orchid blooms, the Mokara sprays are clipped into short groupings, and each group is inserted into the floral foam. Permanent chestnuts are nestled among the orchids while luscious fresh red grapes encircle the pillar candle. Gold-tipped corsage pins are inserted into a few of the grapes and blossoms for subtle glitz, which is an unexpected contrast to the bit of vine swirled atop the elegant creation.

MATERIALS: Mokara orchids courtesy of FTD Flower Exchange; permanent chestnuts and permanent vine from Sullivans; fresh grapes from local supermarket; Tuscan Sun Vase from The John Henry Company; tray from AA Importing; Patrician® pillar candles from Candle Artisans; gold corsage pins from Lion Ribbon; ribbon from Berwick Offray; Aquafoam® Designer Ring from Syndicate Sales; Cowee Wood Picks from W.J. Cowee; Cling® Floral Adhesive from Floral Specialties.

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