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energetic profusion

Design by Paula DeClerk

Wonderful atop almost any large table or mantel, this glorious mound of colorful blossoms and barley bundles can invigorate a variety of home and office environments.

For the most exciting bursts of color, the brilliantly hued sand daisies, as well as some pomegranates attached to birch branches, are grouped together. The open spaces are then filled with complementary green Hydrangea blossoms and salal leaves. (It’s best to insert Hydrangeas and any other somewhat delicate materials last, to avoid damage.)
Because the botanicals are used in abundance, and the pomegranate-embellished branches cascade over the container’s sides, a heavy or weighted container is required.
MATERIALS: preserved Hydrangeas, sand daisies, pomegranates, birch branches, salal leaves, reindeer moss and barley from Knud Nielsen Company; Sahara® II Dry Foam and Oasis® Waterproof Tape from Smithers-Oasis; short dowels and thin-gauge wire from favorite suppliers. To contact these companies, see “Product Source Guide”.
Dip pomegranates into hot-melt (pan) glue, attach them to birch branches and secure with wire. Cover the glue and wire with tufts of reindeer moss.
Gather reserved barley stems into sheaf like bundles. Wrap the bundles with waterproof tape, and secure a short dowel or stick to the center of each bundle for insertion into dry foam
Arrange the birch branches into the foam. Add the barley bundles in X-like pairs, and cover the binding points with Hydrangeas and other blossoms. Finish the arrangement in rounded formation.

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