wedding bouquet

lily cluster

Magnolia foliage complements a Magnolia-like formation of lilies.

Such a pristine collection of white lilies needs little ornamentation, but a few well-placed foliage accents can turn a nosegay into a fabulous cascading bouquet. Here, Magnolia leaves, some of which are placed so their autumn-hued backsides are visible, echo the placement of the lilies, which are arranged to resemble a single Magnolia blossom.
Appropriate to the autumnal presentation, a trio of artificial wired vines, braided and coiled into a long swirl, offers a new twist on the traditional ribbon accessory as well as introduces a new and interesting texture to the composition.

MATERIALS: white ‘Stargazer’ lilies and Magnolia leaves from California cut flower growers; Bouquet Mates® Bouquet Holder from Syndicate Sales; artificial wired vines from favorite supplier.

Excerpted from Florists’ Review 101 Wedding Bouquets with How-To Instructions.

Arrange Magnolia leaves into
a bouquet holder in cascading
formation, placing many of
them so their brownish backsides are visible.
Add lilies into the design.
Place the blossoms so
they appear to form one
large Magnolia-like bloom.
Braid three strands of artificial wired vine. Coil the braided vines into a swirl, and insert it into the design.

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