Holiday Distinction
Special touches take these eight seasonal arrangements to a higher level with minimal labor.

Primped Poinsettias
Three style strategies help these holiday favorites maintain their beauty and value throughout the season.

Learning Curve
Everyday Flowers discovers big business in balloons among residents of Tustin, Calif.

Retail Florists in Crisis: What Has Happened to our Industry?
A look back at the factors and events that helped shape today’s retail floral trade.

Container Guide 2009
Our annual showcase features a variety of vessels from 25 manufacturers and suppliers.

Options to Drive
Top delivery vehicle manufacturers unveil their 2010 models.

Coolers Go Green
New federal rules aim to capture energy savings. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Valentine Balloons
Check out these new balloon styles for Valentine’s Day 2010.

Basic Blade Care
Quick tips for maintaining your cutting tools in prime condition.



on the cover:
white pine from The Hiawatha Corporation; carnations, ‘Green Trick’ Dianthus, Dahlias, Viburnum berries and ivy from favorite suppliers; Pyramid Vases from Syndicate Sales; Bauble Picks from Accent Décor.

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