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Seven sensational arrangements for the harvest table.

Designs by Bill J. Harper, AIFD fellow, AAF, FAM


flemish flair

Reminiscent of a Flemish painting of flowers that once were of contrasting seasons, this mounded arrangement adds a burst of color and texture to an autumn table. Lime-green spray chrysanthemums and seeded Eucalyptus provide an interesting play on color along with deep-mahogany-hued artichokes and a pretty mix of flowers in red, orange and coral. Honeysuckle vine is wrapped around the basket and throughout the design, giving it a natural, nestlike appeal.

Materials: parrot tulips from The Sun Valley Group; artichokes, rose hips and kale from Dos Osos Multifloro; amaryllises, ‘Kardinal’ roses, ‘Kermit’ spray chrysanthemums, miniature Gerberas, Christmas bush (Ceratopetalum), Magnolia leaves, seeded Eucalyptus, permanent apples and floral foam from favorite suppliers; Asian honeysuckle vine from Knud Nielsen Company; basket from Mains Importing; ReCreations Design Bowl from Western Pulp Products Company; wood picks from W.J. Cowee.

how to
Insert a sturdier stem into the hollow stem of each amaryllis for additional support, and clip the excess stem length. In a similar manner, insert a wood pick into the stem of an artichoke for additional stability.

autumn treasures

Offering a modern interpretation of an epergne, this glass container features an inner receptacle filled with flowers as well as an outer bowl-like vessel that holds a potpourri of Indian corn, pheasant feathers, grains and other harvest materials. In the inner vase, a large mahogany-hued artichoke creates a prominent focal point while helping to support the flowers in place. With the environment and waste-reduction weighing heavily on consumers’ consciousness, a design such as this—which provides a great way to use any dried harvest materials—is easily marketed as being long-lasting and reusable. Recipients can simply drop new flowers into the center vase once these have passed their prime. The materials in the outer bowl will continue to provide lasting enjoyment.

Materials: parrot tulips from The Sun Valley Group; artichokes, Leucadendrons, rose hips and red dogwood branches from Dos Osos Multifloro; amaryllises, ‘Kardinal’ roses, Christmas bush (Ceratopetalum), Magnolia leaves, dried materials and glass container from favorite suppliers; permanent pheasant feathers from Sullivans.

how to
Place a stemmed artichoke in the center vase, resting on one side of the glass container. Arrange flowers around the artichoke.


seasonal tapestry

Filled with the abundance of autumn’s bounty, a classic footed metal container is an ideal receptacle for its richly hued contents. Magnolia leaves, arranged with their reverse sides facing outward, contribute to a play on texture along with coneflowers, wheat and more. A duo of deep-mahogany-hued artichokes, which match the metal container, bisects the flowers, creating a horizontal line that is extended by a contrasting sheaf of barley.

Materials: parrot tulips from The Sun Valley Group; coneflowers (Echinacea), artichokes and fire thorn (Pyracantha) from Dos Osos Multifloro; ‘Kardinal’ roses, spray chrysanthemums, Ranunculi, miniature callas, Christmas bush (Ceratopetalum), floral foam and chenille stem from favorite suppliers; barley and milo from Lovejoy Farms; freeze-dried gourds from Flyboy Naturals; tin container from China Direct.

how to
Secure a sheaf of barley to the floral foam with a “U”-shaped chenille stem.

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