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Layered greens are joined by cool blues in this fashion-forward holiday display with an easy-to-make geometric screen.

To be most effective, displays must be segregated in some way from the other merchandise in the store. By using either a solid background or a partial visual barrier, customers' attention can be focused on the products within the display. When several displays bleed into one another without some sort of delineation, their messages become confused and lost.

A solid backdrop isn't always necessary to set a display apart from the rest of the shop. This modern geometric screen, fashioned of craft foam and clear monofilament line, is an example of a partial barrier that visually separates this holiday display from whatever is behind it.

The dotted rectangular vase inspires the dotlike curtain, which is suspended from a dowel. And little floral product is needed in this display, where the analogous hues of greens and blues are showcased in distinctive geometric-patterned containers, which are the focus of the display. Christmas ornaments in a variety of matte and shiny finishes clearly communicate the season while repeating the circular backdrop.

blue-and-green-striped vase and rectangular dot vase from Mains Importing; glass Square Vases in kiwi and Gathering Vase from Syndicate Sales; tall green ceramic vase from Jackson Pottery Ltd.; trays from AA Importing Inc.; permanent greenery from Sullivans and Melrose International; ball ornaments from Winward International; butterfly ornament from Mark Roberts; craft foam and monofilament line from craft store. To contact these companies, see ŇProduct Source GuideÓ on Page 145.

Excerpted from Florists’ Review 101 Silk & Dried Designs with How-To Instructions. To order, call (800) 367-4708, or visit the Bookstore.


Draw circles on sheets of craft foam, using the base of a cylinder vase as a guide. Use varying sizes to create interest.


Punch two holes in each circle, opposite each other, through which the circles can be hung vertically from monofilament.


Cut lengths of clear monofilament, and tie the circles of varying sizes and colors together at intervals of about 1.5 to 2 inches.



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