wedding bouquet

rosy starburst

This holiday-inspired bouquet is ideal for Christmas weddings.

Composed of roses, Gerberas, miniature spruce cones and Australian pine (Casuarina), this holiday-inspired nosegay, in traditional reds and greens, makes a striking bouquet for December weddings, especially those scheduled near Christmas. Long blades of Australian pine are adhered to the bouquet holder’s straight handle, providing a grassy grip. The starburst effect is achieved with Australian pine wired in bunches and placed into the central nosegay of red roses and Gerberas. The spraying foliage actually begins at the handle and visually intercepts the design for a dynamic presentation

MATERIALS: ‘Ruby Red’ roses, ‘Red Spring’ spider Gerberas and Australian pine (Casuarina) from California cut flower growers; Wedding Belle Bouquet Holder and Waterproof Tape from Smithers-Oasis; miniature spruce cones, double-stick tape and thin-gauge wire from favorite suppliers.

Excerpted from Florists’ Review 101 Wedding Bouquets with How-To Instructions.

Wrap the handle of a bouquet
holder with double-stick tape.
Insert the holder into a cluster
of Australian pine (Casuarina).
Bind the cluster with
waterproof tape covered with
Arrange the flowers
into the bouquet holder,
incorporating the extended
Australian pine that is
attached to the handle.
Wire additional Australian pine
into small bundles, and insert
the bundles into the bouquet

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