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Special touches enhance this fragrant floral candle ring.

Consider enhancing a lush rose and Freesia candle ring with some special accents to capture the fancy of a Valentine’s Day bride. The brilliant red roses and the holly leaves also make this the perfect centerpiece for any romantic winter wedding. Red rose petals are tucked loosely into the center to hide the wreath form, and pussy-willow branches are woven among the flowers to add dimension and direction. Garlands of deciduous huckleberry bundles and rolled rose petals tied with red bullion wire are gently laid atop the ring like a veil and add even more textural interest. Many brides love a traditional look for ceremony and reception décor, but by employing your creativity, you can add a memorable, one-of-a-kind touch to your creations.

MATERIALS: 11-inch Aquafoam® Designer Ring from Syndicate Sales; pillar candle from Creative Candles; ‘Cool Water,’ ‘Poison,’ ‘Blush’ and ‘Royal Majesty’ roses from Royal Flowers; Freesias, pussy willows, deciduous huckleberry and holly leaves from favorite suppliers.

Design by Christina M. Burton, AIFD

Cut both ends of a branch of
pussy willow at 45-degree
angles. Insert one end into he
floral foam, bend the branch
around the ring and insert the
other end. Continue weaving
pussy willows into the ring,
using eight to 10 branches.
Cut branches of deciduous
huckleberry into roughly equal
lengths, and pile into small
bundles. Tie the center of the
first bundle with bullion wire.
Leave a length of bullion wire,
and tie on another bundle.
Continue to form a garland.
Roll a room-temperature rose petal, following the petal’s curve. Gently tie bullion wire around the center of the roll. Leave a length of bullion wire, and repeat the rolling and tying. Continue rolling and tying until you have a garland of the desired length.

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