Caring for Your Permanent, Dried and Preserved Flowers and Plants

Although permanent (fabric), dried and preserved flowers are long lasting, they won’t be around forever. Proper environment and care are keys to maximizing their life span.

Here are 12 tips for getting the most from your purchases.

  1. Place fabric flowers in a dry environment to prevent softening or wilting caused by humidity.

  2. Keep fabric, dried and preserved arrangements away from direct sunlight to prevent colors from fading.

  3. To reduce shattering of dried flowers, place arrangements in locations where they will not easily be bumped by people or pets.

  4. Protect tables and other surfaces from being stained by dyes that sometimes bleed from preserved botanicals under humid conditions.

  5. Do not display dried flowers outdoors. Fabric and preserved botanicals can be used outdoors in locations that are protected from sun, wind and rain; however, they will have a significantly shorter life span than those used indoors.


  1. Dust your fabric, dried and preserved flowers routinely. A light touch with a feather duster once a week should be sufficient. Alternatively, blow dust away with a hair dryer on a low, cool setting. You also can periodically place them outdoors for a few hours, in a shaded area, on days when there is a gentle breeze.

  2. To remove heavy dust and debris on fabric flowers and plants, wipe them with a damp cloth. In addition, a light spray of a “silk”/dried flower cleaner* will quickly dissolve dust and make the botanicals look like new.

* AFK Artificial Flower Kleaner
Chrysal Silk & Dried Flower Cleaner
Design Master Silk Flower Cleaner
Nu-Leaf Artificial Plant Cleaner
Silk ’n Splendor Silk Plant Treatment
Silks Alive Artificial Foliage Cleaner
Simply Silk Silk Plant Cleaner
Panacea Dried Flower Cleaner
Victoria’s Dried & Freeze-Dried Flower Cleaner

  1. These cleaners also can be used to clean and restore color to dusty dried flowers. Be sure to spray lightly so as not to completely saturate the flowers.

  2. Dirt can be removed from polyblend shrubbery and other outdoor “plastics” by spraying occasionally with water.


  1. Fabric flowers and plants have the potential to last for several years indoors. Outdoors, the effects of sun, rain and other elements will likely fade colors and wither flowers after about a year.

  2. Dried botanicals typically last for about one year due to their tendency to shatter. Botanicals that have been preserved with glycerin or other substances to maintain a natural supple texture can last for several years, depending on the form of the botanical. A delicate fern frond that has been preserved with glycerin will last for two or three years whereas a sturdy Magnolia leaf that has been similarly preserved may last for seven or eight years or more.

  3. Many permanent arrangements are designed using a combination of fabric, dried and preserved materials. In these arrangements, some materials may deteriorate long before others. When this occurs, take the arrangement to your favorite florist for a redesign.


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