nature bound

A covering of realistic permanent leaves adds value and versatility to a cylindrical glass vase.

Covering a vase with leaves offers a creative, value-added treatment that appeals to consumers seeking an all-natural look. Here, ruffly permanent rhubarb leaves, bound around a glass cylinder vase with paper-covered wire, create an interesting receptacle for sprays of permanent garden roses and Viburnums. The rhubarb leaves are inverted, exposing their stalks and creating an additional design element.

permanent rhubarb leaves from Autograph Foliages; permanent garden roses and Viburnums from Regency International; Cylinder vase from Syndicate Sales; Oasis™ Bind Wire from Smithers-Oasis.


“nature bound” recipe

3 permanent rhubarb leaves
3 bunches permanent garden roses
1 bunch permanent Viburnums
glass cylinder vase
paper-covered wire


suggested marketing copy

This beautiful spring design will provide natural appeal for years to come.

Ideal for home or office, this everlasting arrangement provides a splash of springtime cheer without the maintenance of real flowers. Expertly bound faux leaves and pristine peach roses will delight any nature lover, so pick up one of these gorgeous designs today!

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Nature Bound

Wrap permanent rhubarb leaves, tips down, around a glass cylinder vase, and secure them in place with a rubber band. Trim the leaf tips evenly with the bottom of the vase.

Tightly wrap paper-covered wire around the leaves several times, and tie the wire to secure. Remove the rubber band.

Arrange permanent flowers and foliages into the leaf-covered vase. 

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