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birds of a feather

Nature-lovers will flock to your shop for this charming arrangement.

    Bird figurines remain popular decorative accessories among consumers, and they’re ideal for adding a bit of “life” to permanent floral arrangements. In this design, which combines permanent, preserved and dried botanicals, a bundle of river cane provides an inviting perch for an adorable quartet of metallic songbirds. Sold in sets of three, the birds can be positioned a variety of ways, as demonstrated here, to make it appear that each bird within the composition is unique.

    This intricate creation exhibits the design principle of reverse proportion, in which the volume of botanical materials is subordinate to that of the container. The sleekness of the metal container nicely contrasts the textured metal birds and their long-lasting surroundings.

Thorwax (Bupleurum), chestnuts and birds from Sullivans; preserved dusty miller and Hydrangeas from Verdissimo USA; river cane and dried yarrow from Knud Nielsen Company; permanent ivy from Vintage Floral Imports; Tin Square from Syndicate Sales; Oasis™ Bind Wire, Sahara® Dry Foam and Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue from Smithers-Oasis.



Measure the top of the container from one side to the opposite side, and mark the length on a piece of bundled river cane. Carefully saw notches into the river cane at these points so that the bundle will rest evenly on the container’s edge.


Wire a wood pick to the center of the river-cane bundle, dip the wood pick into hot-melt (pan) glue, and insert the pick into the floral foam. Position the notches in the river cane on opposite edges of the container.


Secure each bird to the bundle of river cane by attaching paper-covered wire around the bird’s feet and hot-gluing the wire into the river cane.

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