Merchandising Quiz




1 It’s time to change the window display. You:

  1. (3 pts.) Last-minute projects can work but usually end up being haphazard.
  2. (5 pts.) Themed displays ensure products will have impact and stand out to the viewer.
  3. (0 pts.) Procrastination won’t bring in customers or sales.
  2 No one stops to look at your window display. You don’t understand. You’ve used lots of color and filled the space with a variety of products. Why isn’t the display working?  
  1. (5 pts.) Viewers need something on which to focus—a color, a large prop or a specific product grouping.
  2. (3 pts.) Well-done window displays stop shoppers in their tracks and bring them in to see more.
  3. (0 pts.) Window displays are the first impression viewers have of your business.
  3 You have a small ledge in your window. The best way to create a window display is to:  
  1. (0 pts.) Small merchandise won’t attract attention on its own.
  2. (5 pts.) Create a point-of-sale window display that also works as a feature display inside the store.
  3. (3 pts.) A display fixture with lots of colorful products will attract attention, but change it regularly to keep the presentation fresh and new.
  4 How do you get customers to go into a second or third room in your shop?  
  1. (5 pts.) Product presentations that flow from one room to another will entice customers to see more.
  2. (0 pts.) It seems that customers can’t resist going where they’re not supposed to, but this isn’t a good solution.
  3. (3 pts.) Lights are always attention-getters.
  5 You have windows on three sides of the store. How can you display merchandise when there are no walls?  
  1. (3 pts.) When using tables to display merchandise, vary the heights and configurations so you don’t end up with a “cookie cutter” look.
  2. (5 pts.) Window fixtures (cubes, pedestals, built-ins) can be made to perform double duty—to both display and house merchandise.
  3. (0 pts.) Cutting back on inventory is not a good idea.
  6 Your fixtures are barely adequate. You’d like to buy inexpensive replacements or construct multifunctional display fixtures. Where do you start?  
  1. (5 pts.) Planning first prevents you from making costly mistakes.
  2. (3 pts.) Knowing which fixtures can be refurbished and retrofitted is an important part of your overall plan.
  3. ( 0 pts.) Painting fixtures really solves no problems.
  7 You want to reorganize your selling space, but you have run out of room. Where can you find more space?  
  1. (0 pts.) Buying smaller merchandise doesn’t give you more space; it just makes it seem like you have more of it.
  2. (3 pts.) Start merchandise presentations on the floor and work them into table, fixture and wall displays.
  3. (5 pts.) Be creative with your fixtures. Show new collections of merchandise, changing color themes, floor arrangements and so on.


24-35 points—SAVVY RETAILER

You know and understand the importance of merchandising and the difference it makes in customers’ perceptions of your store, your merchandise and your services.

Merchandising Philosophy: You constantly seek new ways of doing things, learn as much as possible and experiment until it works.

Attitude Adjustment Tip: You’ve got this merchandising thing down. Keep up the good work!


You continue to try, but you do things in the same old way and expect unrealistic results.

Merchandising Philosophy: You believe if the old way of merchandising worked in the past, there’s no good reason to change it. In other words, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Attitude Adjustment Tip: Take a break. Get out of your store, and visit up-to-date stores to see what good merchandising is all about. Make innovation and change a part of your retail philosophy.


You move slowly, and when it comes to implementing updated merchandising techniques, you may not move at all.

Merchandising Philosophy: You think visual merchandising takes too much time, costs too much money and isn’t worth it.

Attitude Adjustment Tip: Give the job to a creative employee or hire a freelance display artist. Change something!

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