Merchandising Quiz

Test your knowledge of display principles.

  by Deanna Harpham

Are you a sluggish, status quo or savvy retailer? Find out by taking this merchandising quiz.

Test your merchandising know-how, and pick up a few tricks-of-the-trade in the process. Select a, b or c; then, add up the points. Have fun!


1 It’s time to change the window display. You:

  1. Wait until the last minute, collect some props from home and pull merchandise from several departments to feature in the display.
  2. Feature color or themed displays such as Valentine plush with red florals or St. Patrick’s Day novelties with pots of shamrocks.
  3. Decide to put the job off for a couple of weeks.
  2 No one stops to look at your window display. You don’t understand. You’ve used lots of color and filled the space with a variety of products. Why isn’t the display working?  
  1. You have too many colors, too many products and no focal point.
  2. Shoppers are in a hurry and don’t have time to window shop.
  3. Window displays aren’t that important.
  3 You have a small ledge in your window. The best way to create a window display is to:  
  1. Put miniature merchandise on the ledge.
  2. Ignore the ledge, and create a table display.
  3. Place a well-merchandised fixture in the area.
  4 How do you get customers to go into a second or third room in your shop?  
  1. Merchandise so that displays “flow” from room to room.
  2. Place a “NO ENTRY” sign above door.
  3. Outline the door with lights.
  5 You have windows on three sides of the store. How can you display merchandise when there are no walls?  
  1. Maximize the use of tables, cubes and floor fixtures for displays.
  2. Create display fixtures for use in the windows.
  3. Cut back on your inventory so you won’t have so much to display.
  6 Your fixtures are barely adequate. You’d like to buy inexpensive replacements or construct multifunctional display fixtures. Where do you start?  
  1. Determine what works and what needs to be replaced.
  2. Assess fixtures for retrofitting and refurbishing.
  3. Paint your old fixtures one smashing color.
  7 You want to reorganize your selling space, but you have run out of room. Where can you find more space?  
  1. Buy smaller merchandise; it takes up less space.
  2. Start with the floor, and work up.
  3. Utilize your fixtures more creatively.


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