wedding bouquet

coastal union

Permanent botanicals and beach baubles join in this bouquet for an elegant seaside ceremony.

Design by Bill J. Harper, aifd fellow, aaf

Reflecting the myriad grains that compose the sands of a tropical shore, this sophisticated bouquet of ivory and buff hues is ideal for a stylish waterfront wedding. The materials are glued into the foam (left dry) of a gold-toned bouquet holder, suggesting a level of formality beyond that of the casual beach affair. The metallic tone is repeated at the center of the bouquet, where a trio of gold-edged, pearly pins is tucked between some shells. These, along with a starfish, appear to have washed ashore on a beachlike base of fabric mushrooms. Surrounding the seaside finds are permanent sprays of wispy silver grass and silver dollar (Lunaria), whose circular forms are reminiscent of sand dollars collected on the beach. And topping the briny treasures, like the white foams that top the sea, is a pair of Magnolia blossoms, each fully opened so their pearlescent interiors are visible.

MATERIALS: permanent Magnolias, Mushrooms, Silver Dollar Sprays and Silver Grass from Sullivans; starfish from Jamali Garden Supplies; shells from crafts store; Jewel Picks from Hill’s Imports, Inc./Park’s Company; Elegant® Bouquet Holder and Hot-Melt Glue from Smithers-Oasis.
Dip the stems of the permanent Magnolia blossoms into hot-melt glue. Insert into the bouquet holder’s foam, which is kept dry.
  HOW TO 2:
Bend and flex the petals to open and expand the blossoms. Hot-glue the remaining materials into the floral foam.
  HOW TO 3:
Finish by dipping one arm of the starfish into hot-melt glue and tucking it into the arrangement.

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