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bound beauties

Colorful wire directs free-form callas in this contemporary design.

SFor years, graceful callas have been placed into containers with their natural curves dictating the shape of the arrangements. With these permanent callas, a more structured approach is taken. By binding the stems first with waterproof tape, then with colorful wire, they are formed into a tight but natural configuration as they cascade over the side of the vase for a decidedly asymmetrical composition. Heavier-gauge wire in a corresponding color is wound into large loops and placed into the vase after the container is filled with acrylic water, which keeps everything in place and adds realism to the display. Aerosol fabric protector comes in handy to seal the permanent stems and prevent their colors from bleeding into the acrylic water.

Suggest several of these impressive designs lined up on a table as an elegant centerpiece or as arrangements for a corporate or hotel setting. They communicate a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

MATERIALS: permanent callas from Sullivans; Bullion Wire, Metallic Wire and Waterproof Tape from Smithers-Oasis; 12-inch Oval Glass vase and Everlasting Elegance® acrylic water from Syndicate Sales. Scotchgard™ Protector and rocks from favorite suppliers.

Design by Paula DeClerk.

Spray the permanent calla
stems with Scotchgard™ to
keep the color from bleeding
into the acrylic water.
Place washed and dried river
rocks into the container. Mix
the contents of the two bottles
of Everlasting Elegance® with
a plastic utensil.
Secure the calla bundle in its desired position with waterproof tape until the faux water hardens. Once the solution is solid, remove the tape.

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