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With vibrant colors and premium durability, these everlasting designs are sure to please.

Although dried and preserved flowers traditionally have been thought of primarily for the autumn season, state-of-the-art processes have brought even delicate spring flowers to this industry segment, capturing attention from consumers year-round. More durable than ever, dried botanical materials, from fern fronds and jungle pods to Hydrangeas and pansies, are suitable for virtually every design style. Here, we present eight options, using a range of containers, colors and textures.

textural triangle
Combining natural-looking elements with those that are clearly contrived, this high-reaching, traditional triangular design incorporates a wide range of textures. From the smooth wooden vessel, into which the dried materials are arranged, to the sago palm (Cycas) leaves that create the base of the triangular line and all the way up to the tips of the branches, the colors, textures and shapes of the materials are different, yet they unify as if they were made to be together. Millet (Setaria) softens the lines of the design, gracefully curving from the center. Coiled vine and vine balls add further dimension and form to the composition.

MATERIALS:  wooden vase from Eighteen Karat; curly willow tips, Cycas leaves, English boxwood, black vine, vine balls, millet, golden pheasant feathers and Canela from Schusters of Texas.


pristine pansies
Dried Hydrangeas, which are only slightly visible, form the basis for a mounded design featuring freeze-dried pansies of various colors. The natural color markings of the pansies offer contrast throughout the design, and maidenhair fern (Adiantum), which radiates from the composition, complements the leaf-green color of the glazed planter. Advise customers to keep this design and all other dried flowers away from sunlight to prevent fading.

MATERIALS: pot from Meyer Imports; freeze-dried pansies and Hydrangeas from Mountain Farms; Adiantum fern from Verdissimo.


urned attention

Traditionally designed inside a resin urn with a lichen finish, a glorious array of permanent flowers and foliages radiates color and life. Some of the flowers, including orange roses and green Dahlias, are grouped for additional impact. This natural garden flower arrangement is ideal for traditional motifs in home décor.

MATERIALS: urn and permanent flowers and foliages from Sullivans; Sahara® II Dry Foam from Smithers-Oasis.


peak of perfection
Only a few stems are used in these coordinating compositions, but the impact is maximum. Tall stems of Hydrangeas and amaryllises are arranged into foam inside rich chocolate-brown ceramic vases, and moss is placed to cover the foam. Some of the foliage and blossoms on the Hydrangea stems are pruned, giving the compositions the illusion of even greater height. Repetition is achieved both through the containers and the flowers.

MATERIALS: containers from Compradores; permanent Hydrangeas and amaryllises from Allstate Floral & Craft; Flat Moss from Verdissimo; Silk and Dried Foam from The John Henry Company.

HOW TO: Remove a few of the leaves and blossoms from a stem of permanent Hydrangeas using wire cutters.


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