wedding bouquet

make-ahead base

A permanent posy offers a sturdy start to showcase fresh Freesias.

This bouquet’s base of permanent Hydrangeas and its quick-to-construct permanent leaf collar are not only efficient to arrange ahead of time but also withstand the many demands of a wedding day, such as rough handling, lack of water and temperature fluctuations. The Hydrangeas recede into the background and let the fresh Freesias shine, while a contemporary striped ribbon enwrapping the stems accentuates the complementary green and fuchsia hues.

By choosing a permanent base, designers also can color match the blooms to the bridal party attire well ahead of the date. The Hydrangeas and leaves for this posy were plucked from a single permanent bush, adding cost savings versus purchasing multiple individual stems. The collar requires no special mechanics but is simply created by arranging and gluing permanent Hydrangea leaves into a circular form.

This design makes a stunning bridal bouquet, but the technique also can be an efficient way to create multiple bouquets for a large group of bridal party members. While the Freesias won’t dry permanently in this base after the wedding, the faded fresh blooms could be plucked out to leave a precious permanent keepsake of the special day.

MATERIALS: permanent Hydrangeas and leaves from Autograph Foliages; Freesias from The Sun Valley Group; ribbon from burton + BURTON; Oasis® Waterproof Tape from Smithers-Oasis.   
Trim permanent Hydrangea leaves from their stems.
Overlap the leaves, and
secure them into a circular
form with cool-melt glue. Be sure to leave an opening in
the center of the circle.
Gather permanent
Hydrangeas into a cluster,
bind them midway down the stems with waterproof tape,
and slip the cluster into the
leafy bouquet collar. Arrange fresh Freesias into the Hydrangea base.
Secure the leafy collar to the Hydrangea and Freesia stems with waterproof tape. Finish the bouquet handle by wrapping the entire length with ribbon and leaving two decorative tails.

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