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Arranged in a variety of modern manners, these ultrarealistic permanent botanicals afford consumers an almost-fresh presence.

Designs by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD

modern art

Designed with elongated stems complete with a bud and bloom, these fabric Ranunculi are ideal for artful expressions such as this, which blends contemporary styling with ancient-Chinese-inspired vessels made of modern nickel. The looping, dynamic lines beautifully exaggerate the free-form growth pattern of these favored garden blossoms and yield an elegantly abstract portrait for home or office placement.

MATERIALS: long-stemmed Ranunculi and nickel vases from Jim Marvin Enterprises Ltd. To contact Jim Marvin Enterprises Ltd.

goddess silhouette

Reminiscent of a traditional Hindu figure whose many arms are in constant fluid motion, this gathering of dried and permanent lotus blooms and pods has an undeniable Eastern influence. The materials are placed into a shapely vessel whose curves replicate the feminine form. While the lotus is an important symbol in many Eastern cultures, the quiet hues and gentle motion in this design give it broad appeal with a multitude of applications.

MATERIALS: dried lotus pods from Knud Nielsen Company; permanent lotus pods, buds, flowers, leaf and vase from Aldik.

free spirits

Trendy test-tube vessels are dropped into a clear glass vase of contemporary proportions to create this dramatic tulip design, which capitalizes on the unpredictable growth qualities of the fresh versions to achieve a gorgeous, lifelike presentation. Whether used at full length inside the glass tubes or snipped short for placement in the larger vessel, which supports the tubes so they stand upright, each stem must be shaped to accomplish the natural curve.

MATERIALS: parrot tulips, peony-flowering tulips and glass tubes from Allstate Floral & Craft; Trapez vase from Jamali Garden Supplies.

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