Retail Florists in Crisis:
Marketing Your Business

Florists are going to have to be aggressive and creative to survive.

Bouquets Multiplied
Three styles times four color palettes equal one dozen sensational selections.

The Perfect Setup
Sell your wedding work with elegant décor in rental props.

Picture-Perfect Weddings
Meet the winners of our 11th annual contest.

Picture-Perfect Trends
Notable looks from our “Picture-Perfect Weddings” contest.

Picture-Perfect Showcase
A glimpse of each entry in our wedding contest.

Bridal Fashion 2010
We analyze the latest styles and offer tips to help you serve your wedding clients.

Mother’s Day Planning
Our look back at 2009 sales helps you prepare for 2010.

Reviewing Stand

     by Frances Dudley, AAF

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How To

Fresh Flower
Care and Handling
Mother's Day Gallery
What's New

Hot Topic
Marketing Magic
Guerrilla Marketing
by Jay Conrad Levinson

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Product Source Guide
Elements of Style

     by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD

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