bouquets multiplied

Three styles times four color palettes equal one dozen sensational selections.
Designs by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD

     According to our wedding calculations, the nosegay still reigns but benefits from a stylish bonus; the cascade is back but with updates; and modern is in, especially among younger brides.

     So we’ve done the math and given you ideas for all three bouquet styles in a gorgeous quartet of color palettes that are applicable from spring through the end of summer—and possibly even beyond.

     Flowing materials, such as ivy, create the classic cascade shape in a natural, updated manner. Ready-made ribbon rosettes simply clip onto the vining foliage.

‘Cumbia’ roses from Royal Flowers; stocks and ivy from favorite suppliers; satin flowers with clips and pins from Berwick Offray; Standard Bouquet Holder with Aquafoam® from Syndicate Sales.

     Gathered into a chic mound, this lavish collection of florals is a fabulous selection for brides and maids. A sophisticated bouquet holder, wire collar and ribbon trim enhance the romance.

MATERIALS: Mokara orchids from Orchids Direct; ‘Surprise’ sweetheart roses from Rosa Flora Limited; carnations and Hypericum from favorite suppliers; Posy Pockets® bouquet holder from Cameo MacGuffin®; ribbon from Berwick Offray; Lomey™ Wire Collar and straight-handle Oasis® Wedding Belle® Bouquet Holder from Oasis® Floral Products.

Cut a yard or two of ribbon, gather it into a narrow band and periodically knot the ribbon to create a dimensional “rope.” Place the rope atop the bouquet collar, and bend small sections of the collar to secure the knotted ribbon in place.

     A furled swath of mesh encases the gardeny cluster with a shimmering aura. The ribbon’s sassy dovetails are curled to replicate the tulips’ flared petals.

MATERIALS: ‘Orange Sweet’ sweetheart roses from Rosa Flora Limited; ‘Amber’ roses from Royal Flowers; tulips from The Sun Valley Group; miniature Gerberas and lamb’s ears foliage (Stachys) from favorite suppliers; Golden Red ArtMesh® from ArtMesh, Earth-Deco; ribbon from Berwick Offray; Gala Bouquet Holder™ from FloraCraft Corporation; Oasis® Waterproof Tape from Oasis® Floral Products.

Saturate the foam in a bouquet holder. Gather a mass of mesh fabric around the holder, and secure to the holder’s handle with waterproof tape. Shape and swirl the fabric around the holder’s foam, and pin the mesh to the foam with hairpin-shaped wires.

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