pew pizzazz

A flat-sided mint-julep cup offers a quick and elegant pew decoration option.

     With a host of clever products enabling the creation of pretty and dramatic floral compositions to line the aisle, today’s pew décor utilizes more than just tulle and ribbons.

     This arrangement, using a flat-sided mint-julep vase, features a simple yet eye-catching arrangement. Decorative grosgrain ribbon tied through the holes in the container provides a simple way to attach the composition to the pew. Be sure to use a waterproof ribbon so that it won’t wick the water from the arrangement and risk damaging the pew.

     In addition to products made specifically for pew décor, look for other containers, such as wall pockets, that can be adapted for this purpose and used in multiples for a captivating look.

MATERIALS: ‘Mariatheresia’ garden roses, Hydrangeas, Dianthus ‘Green Trick’ and butcher’s broom (Ruscus) leaves from favorite suppliers; 7-inch Pew Vase from SNK Enterprises; ribbon from Berwick Offray.

Tie a length of ribbon through the holes in the back of the cup. Be sure the ribbon is long enough to fit over the pew end.
  HOW TO 2:
Insert floral foam into the container, and arrange the flowers, beginning with the Hydrangeas. 
  HOW TO 3:
Loop the ribbon over the end of the pew, and make sure the arrangement is centered and flat against the pew end.

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