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green with envy

Design by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD

Grand Cymbidium orchids, accented by Camellia foliage and Hypericum berries, are assembled into a modern cascade bouquet using decorative aluminum wire. The tumbling effect could have been achieved with a traditional wire-and-tape method, but the jaunty tendrils, wiry Camellia-like leaf forms and playful pendulous effect suits today’s young brides and maids. Suggest this color palette with gowns in a range of greens, from pale citrine to effulgent emerald hues.

Cymbidium orchids, Hypericum and Camellia foliage from Transflora; Wedding Belle® Medium Slant Handle Bouquet Holder and Oasis™ Aluminum Wire from Smithers-Oasis; wood pick from W.J. Cowee; Floratape® stem wrap from Alcan Packaging.

Coiled Buds

Bend a length of aluminum wire to resemble a pair of leaves on a long stem. Use needlenose pliers to create a pointed tip on each wire “leaf.”
Coil one end of the wire around a pencil to form a spiral into which the Cymbidium’s stem will be inserted.
Adhere one end of the shaped wire to a wood pick with stem wrap. Insert the wood pick into the bouquet, and arrange orchid blossoms.

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