wedding bouquet

floral cube

Clever design offers a wealth of personalization possibilities.

Design by BJ Dyer, AIFD, AAF

Once you’ve mastered the technique of measuring and laminating photos for use in clear cube vases, you’ll find the possibilities for wedding and event décor are endless. Choose photos of the happy couple from throughout their childhoods and courtship, or wow guests at the post-wedding breakfast with images taken at the nuptials the night before.
A cube vase works best for this technique because it adds dimension and interest, as opposed to the smooth finish of a photo pressed against rounded glass. The image should fill the vase so that it appears completely integrated and not as if it is floating in the container.
Using a piece of paper, measure the length needed to create the desired tension from opposite corner to opposite corner of the glass. On this same piece of paper, measure the height from the container’s base to its lip. Subtract one-half inch from the width and height measurements to obtain the finished photo size. Laminate the photo so that the laminated trim extends one-quarter inch around the entire photo.
Insert two photos on the diagonal, and place your floral design in the center. Voila! A floral photo cube that is easy to create and change. Experiment with images beyond photos, such as company logos for corporate events or children’s artwork for charity fundraisers.

MATERIALS: amaryllises (Hippeastrums) courtesy of the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center; Square Vase from Syndicate Sales; Oasis® Waterproof Tape from Smithers-Oasis. To contact these companies, see “Product Source Guide”.
Curve the laminated photo,
which has been measured
and trimmed into the cube,
extending corner to corner.
Curve a second laminated
photo from corner to corner
so that its image faces out
the opposite direction.
Place the parallel hand-tied bundle of amaryllises between the photos.

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