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A dazzling collection of bouquets, each with distinctive trims and treatments, for brides and maids.

Designs by Walter Fedyshyn, AIFD, PFCI

Bridal gowns from Watters Brides
Bridesmaid dresses from Watters & Watters; www.watters.com
Hair and makeup by Janelle Parr

Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day. To make this dream a reality, fashion designers are embellishing their gowns with delicate details that sparkle and shimmer.

Likewise, floral designers can do the same, adding jewels, metallic wires and other glimmering accents to their botanical creations. This amazing array of bouquets and boutonnieres demonstrates the luminescence that can be realized with a few twinkling touches.

dreams fulfilled
When little girls begin planning their wedding days, this is the kind of romantic bouquet that each one dreams of, in which gorgeous pearly white florals effuse from their hands in a lavish cascade. Lending to the fairy-tale elegance, rhinestone-trimmed pearl pins are inserted into the centers of the snow-white Ranunculi. The hand-tied gathering is slipped into a pearl-trimmed tussie holder, completing the dreamy image.

MATERIALS: Ranunculi (Persian buttercups) from Transflora; ‘White Mikado’ and ‘Polar Star’ spray roses from Royal Flowers International; Queen Anne’s lace, ivy and lily grass (Liriope) from favorite suppliers; Pearl Edge Tussie Holder and Pearl with Rhinestones pins from Milton Adler Co.


citrus cone
Tangerine spray roses and Ranunculi, arranged into a straight-handled bouquet holder, form a showy mound that is edged by a gorgeous ring of Gloriosas. The bouquet holder is slipped into a silken cover that perfectly matches the bridesmaid’s gown. Crowning the tangy collection are individual picks of sparkling stones, tucked between the blossoms.

MATERIALS: ‘Babe’ spray roses from Royal Flowers International; Gloriosas (glory lilies) and Ranunculi (Persian buttercups) from Transflora; seeded Eucalyptus from favorite supplier; Large Round Stones from Milton Adler Co.; Straight-handle Wedding Belle® Holder from Smithers-Oasis; Posy Pocket® from Cameo MacGuffin.


Twirls of taped wire, coiled like fern curls, give dynamic flair to a pair of diminutive spray roses adorned with seeded Eucalyptus.

MATERIALS: ‘Babe’ spray roses from Royal Flowers International; seeded Eucalyptus from favorite supplier; Floratape® Stem Wrap from Alcan Packaging.

bejeweled posy
A multicolored cluster of breathtaking Ranunculi varieties, inserted into the midst of an ocher-hued Hydrangea blossom which functions as an armature, receives added dimension and drama with a collar of looping lily grass. A crystalline garland, woven around the bouquet’s perimeter and threaded through some of the loops, lends sparkle.

Ranunculi (Persian buttercups) from Transflora; lily grass (Liriope) from favorite supplier; Deco Jewelry beaded garland from Lion Ribbon Co.; ribbon from burton + BURTON.

Pair this bouquet with a peachy-pink gown to match the coral hues of the Ranunculi and ribbon or with a fashionable jewel-toned gown to make the pale hues pop. You could also suggest it for a gown in soft melon, echoing the central Ranunculus, or a steely gray, which is the season’s new neutral.



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